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健英 發問於 社會與文化語言 · 1 月前


1 個解答

  • 1 月前

    Warning:-The translation from E/C to give you"kin-ying"the meaning of the written Composition500 must be interpreted by your good self:-

    ----------My future is not a dream-----------

    (1)I have a wide view over land in TW before my mind.I will look forward to expect to own the land and recovery it. I am searching and exploring a valuable land ,with the help of my friends and relatives. at their expense.I'll leave it in their capable hands(metaphorically speaking). It is a game of life(metaphore).

    (2)The plantation of juice of grape-fruits for the wine harvest will be good and bright prospect to me. Other fermented drink resembling wine  which made from other fruits and currant-plants are also owned by me. It works better and exciting (example of hyperbole)----I have a heart of gold.-------(example of metaphor).

    (3) When visiting my farm, my possible customers and clients will gain something from my good harvest every seasons,and my earning as high as the 101 Tower etc.--------(example of hyperbole)