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There is a table. 請問這個句子的主詞是There 還是 table? 謝謝。?




There is a table here. 


請問本句的主詞 a table 還是 there ?

2 個解答

  • 2 月前

    That- clause are possible after happen/chanced:-eg:-

    It happened/chanced (that) there is a table.

    The introductory "it" is the subject.

    There is----S+v

    a----definite article

    table here-------o+adv.

    "there" is a pronoun used to show that something exists.

    Hence a pronoun can be the subject, not the "table".

    "There"a table (in the room).--------obj.

    eg:-There are some tables.----------objs.

    eg:-There you are , there is what you wanted, a table.--------obj.

    In grammar, the noun which is most closely related to the verb in forming a sentence subjectively,adv, is the TABLE;eg:-This is a very subjective judgment of the TABLE here !

    If you want to make the subject  TABLE:-

    If "there" is an adv. meaning in that place ,then "The table" is there------subject

    Also , eg:-Moved please "a table" over there-----subject used subjectively.

  • ?
    Lv 7
    2 月前

    🔷《日英辭典》there [副詞] 釋義B. /(弱形) ðɚ|ðə; (強形) ðeɚ|ðeə/ [存在を表わす there is の形で] 《★【用法】 there は形式上主語のように扱われるが,動詞の後に通例不特定のものや人を表わす主語が続く; 「そこに」の意味はなく,日本語では there is [are] で「…がある」の意になる》

    釋義B-1. [be を述語動詞として].

    例. There's a book on the table. テーブルの上に本がある 《★【比較】 The book is on the table. その本はテーブルの上にある》.