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我的壞習慣/一次難忘的旅行/談談與朋友相處之道 (個人短講200字)?


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  • 2 月前

    Headmaster, teachers, fellow students:-

    Good morning. My oral presentation talk today speaks about "MY BAD HABIT".我的壞習慣.

    My life is marked by many habits. Habit is second nature. I get myself into bad habit of not studying.(enj)course which is annoying.

    Talking about creative slogan ---STEM  there's no enj.course customary habit for me !...

    Seeking distraction over focus on English Course(enj) is my bad habit and bad behavior !

    Too many ideas with too little work done may mean I'm lazy out of bad habit.. ...

    Glamorizing disorder and chaos miss my self-discipline and school timetable, making me a bad habit for pleasure, not for work !.

    Overdramatizing emotional high on my success in the enj course sometimes  makes me a bad habit regularly.

    Procrastination is the thief of my time. I delay regularly,and repeatedly is another bad habit.

    Consistently not finishing home work might not be my bad habit due to too much homework regularly by the school..

    Starting too many new projects on many subjects means I miss enj course for pleasure !...

    Perfectionism with details and highest marks in any enj.course with no offence is still what I want .But the practice of laziness is my enemies.

    Repeating negative stories about covid19 virus due to too much pressure for me and everybody nowadays.

    In conclusion, I believe it is clear that all will try to correct and help get rid of my customary bad habits. .My 200 words is the lasting customary benefit .Thanks for your time and attention.