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    Head master, teachers, fellow students:-

    ----Good morning, My talk today speaks on a book report.----The book report is :The 104-storey Treehouse" I'm speaking on an account, describing events ,experience in this "loud report".or "laugh-out-loud" report with your support.----It is the 8th book of Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton's wacky treehouse adventures.Being a young reader series, it's published by Macmillan Children Books Co.Ltd.-----The storey(=story) has begun at 13 to 104 storey in the whole series of books.The latest in a series of such book is the 104.----It is a Laugh-out-Loud(=L.O.L)story (=storey) so it is a "Loud-report" with your sincere support.The book has a combination of text+ a fantastic cartoon-style illustrations.----Briefly, the content has had a never-ending staircase, a burp stomachgas bank,a mighty fortress where children can throw some refrigerators down, or make money from the money-making machine, or make honey from the honey-making machine.There is a tooth fairy who treats Denton(=Dentist-like)and Andy who has a bad toothache asking for help!!!There is a 2 million-dollar shop, a riddle-deep-thinking-room who can't help Andy's toothache !-----The book-cover shows UFO in the sky and Sharks in the pond.Yet Terry and Andy on treehouse top are to call-out loudly to make a loud sound(LOL) ,another "loud-report" for ideas for the next book !

    -----So, I have talked about the book report for one minute.The best solution would be to read it.Thanks for your time and attention.