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請問這句are you really going to look upon the face of oz the terrible?中的oz the terrible是否應該寫作the terrible oz為什麼它會這樣寫?

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  • 1 月前

    After there + to be the relative pronoun "who" may be omitted:-eg:-There is oz (who)  is terrible.

    In relative  pronoun in defining clause:-eg:-This is oz (who) is terrible;

    is the relative pronoun used as the subject of oz the person eg:-Are you seeing oz (who) is terrible?=terrific, adjective, causing fear or terrible=eg:-Are you seeing the terrific (adj) oz ?

  • 1 月前

    個人會說這是同位語的用法,也就是後面的the terrible修飾前面的專有名詞oz, the terrible 是同位語,因此你知道the terrible這個部分是做名詞用, 在英文中, the terrible, 是做名詞解,其它如the rich, the poor,是同一種用法,在此劇中做補充說明,稱為後位修飾,補充說明前面的名詞,為何這樣寫?因為是補充用語!