'They were driving more faster'At this sentence,what was the problem of more?

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  • 4 星期前

    It should be "They were driving faster" because they are no such "more faster". You only use more when the word have three or more constances.

  • 3 星期前


  • The "more" is redundant. 

  • 1 月前

    It should be "They were driving faster."

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    2 月前

    They are driving even more faster than before.

  • 2 月前

    more faster(X)


    much faster (O)


    They were driving much faster.

    He is much poorer before.

    I was much younger than her.

  • 2 月前

    ♦ more:[語法] 形容詞と和副詞的比較級;-er型和more型。用法:形容詞(或副詞)-er,more + 形容詞或(副詞);並無 “more + 形容詞-er” (❌例. more faster、……)的用法。

    # They were driving faster (than you).

  • 2 月前

    more is contrasted with less and fewer---> many, most, much, adj.

    More  is independent comp. means greater in number, quantity, quality, degree, size,etc additional.

    You don't need the word "more".

    eg:-They were driving faster.

    Or eg:-

    They were driving "hardly any more faster"---(adj.phr. independent comp.)---than you.---(the comparative degree)

    Hence:-eg:-much ,adv, much faster     than you

    ----------------Driving is much faster =is very fast=use "much" with adj made from passive form  of verbs