Bad_system_config_info BSOD藍屏  ?


我的電腦lenovo think pad經常出現BSOD藍屏,四天前更只能留在Automatic repair 的畫面,無法登入,restart了也不行。

一開機的畫面是就有 Lenovo logo, '底下有preparing automatic repair',之後command prompt的畫面閃出,之後又出現 Lenovo logo,底下有' diagnosing your pc' 。之後出現bsod 'your pc did not start correctly...'.

前些日子,我嘗試了Advanced options的選項,但都不成功:

-troubleshoot>advanced option:

-startup repair:

出現 'startup repair couldn't repair your pc' 'press advanced options to try other options to repair your pc or shut down to turn off your pc. log file: c:\windows\system32\logfiles\srt\srttrail.txt'

-startup settings:

不能轉至安全模式 (4 safe mode, 5 safe mode with networking, 6 safe mode with command prompt), 並出現 ‘your pc did not start correctly...

-uninstall updates:

uninstall latest quality update, uninstall latest feature update 不成功,出現’ we ran into a problem and won't be able to uninstall the latest quality/ feature update of windows, try resetting your pc instead...'

-system restore:

出現' you must enable system protection on this drive'

-command prompt:

我照著一些網站打command, 有regback, bcdedit等等,但我不知我有沒有做對。

-advanced option 裡還有 ‘UEFI firmware settings' 和 'system image recovery'

-troubleshoot>reset this pc:

keep my files: 'there was a problem resetting your pc. no changes were made.'

remove everything: 'there was a problem resetting your pc.'

-use a device: (usb hdd)

我把media creation tool下載到usb裡,出現‘ compatibility report: the upgrade option isn't available if you start your computer using installation media...'


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    Lv 7
    8 月前

    The only way is to re-install via factory restore partition or USB flash drive.

    Note - upgrade option must be done within the Windows system it is trying to upgrade. So what you see is normal.