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發問於 社會與文化語言 · 1 月前

翻譯商用英文, 樣品追蹤信?


我們正在等待您批准這些生產樣, 並請將生產樣各一組簽名後寄回給我們供我們留底, 以便作為日後訂單的生產依據

各一組是因為有兩個款式, 所以兩款都要簽回一組回來

麻煩大家了, 謝謝

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  • 1 月前

    We are waiting for that you approve these samples . Please signed samples per each sets for our reference then we can according to these items for orders in the future .

    there are two types of each sample so please sign it per each sets .

  • 1 月前


    We are waiting for your sign-off for these production samples.

    並請將生產樣各一組簽名後寄回給我們供我們留底, 以便作為日後訂單的生產依據

    In addition, please approve and sign off each sample and send us the paperwork for the official record required by the future production orders.

    各一組是因為有兩個款式, 所以兩款都要簽回一組回來

    Each of the two samples requires its own separate sign-off paperwork for the reason that each may have its own independent production orders.

    麻煩大家了, 謝謝

    We thank you for your support on this.

  • 4 星期前

    We are waiting for you to approve these production samples


    And please send a set of signatures of the production samples back to us for us to keep the bottom(並請將生產樣各一組簽名後寄回給我們供我們留底)

    In order to serve as the basis for the production of future orders


    Each group is because there are two styles, so both models must be signed back in a group(各一組是因為有兩個款式, 所以兩款都要簽回一組回來)

    Trouble everyone, thanks


  • 1 月前

    🔷 <華語> 我們已於7月1日寄出生產承認票(兩款式的樣品)給貴公司,請確認,若判定合格的話,請簽名並擲回其中一組給我們收執和比照生產使用。

    <英文譯> We have sent the approved ticket (samples of two styles) to your company on July 1, please confirm and if you are qualified, please sign and return one of them to us for receipt and use for comparative production.

    # しょうにんず (承認図) [approved drawing]:<釋義> 受注者が注文者の検討を受け、これによって計画及び製作を行う基礎になる図面。

    # 承認票 (approved ticket)。

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  • Jenkin
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    1 月前

    We are awaiting your permission on these prototype, please sign back each and every one of the group for confirmation record so that they will be reference for production orders.

    Each group has two models(styles), so please sign back both models(styles) for the group.



    Sign every product sample/prototype item/piece in the list that you wish to confirm for production.



  • YIP
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    4 星期前

    As far as the style of sample,we are waiting for your permission while for that sample which need to be signed for our record and ordering purposes. In addition, though there is one set of sample and yet of two styles and they need your  signature too .