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I read Physics amongst other subjects at Cambridge University and have a Masters degree and Senate membership of that body . By incorporating the gamma radiation from a fission reaction along with the fission neutron in a PROCESS of PHOTODISINTEGRATION , a chain reaction may be sustained without a CRITICAL MASS of fissile material . Amongst other things Plutonium 239 may be produced for 300 GBP a kilogram .

The schematic below shows the radiation path within the cell which costs about 250 GBP to construct . This is how North Korea afforded its own Nuclear Program .

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  • Gary
    Lv 7
    11 月前


    Setting aside most issues, before Pu-239 can be produced for GBP 300/kg, there are tons of investments have to be made before that can happen.

    Also - even successfully produced, it does not mean it has a market, as most countries produce their own materials.

    So this does not make any economical sense.

    (Note - many countries develop nuclear technology because of strategical need, not economical. So many countries are willing to invest. Anything else, including commercial, are byproducts.)

  • 11 月前