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How to learn knowledge well in university,and how to make a good academic racord?

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  • 10 月前

    Revision is the best method of learning. However, to learn better, you also needed to spend time, eg in reading around the subject/topic, maybe through cases, books, or articles, and even spending money. You might needed to buy those recommended book/text from schools, articles directed from university.

    You can also learn better if you can organize your thought in the subject. To do so, you can explain what you were learning to others, such as relatives, family members, or friends.

    If the subject can be achieved by working hard at it, try doing some exercises or activities provided at the university or others such as exercise book. Imagine new situations within or at the boundary of the matters/issues and provide a (or more than one) solution also help.

    Make your own notes aside those note you received or those note you wrote down from lectures. You learn more from making your own notes, but try to focus on the subject and do not get distracted.

    Try to write down the things the lecturers said during their lectures, don't blindly rely on lecturers' notes. If you are not fast on writing down notes, you can consider using recorder, or write down keywords and fill in the hold sentences after their lectures. DO NOT RELY ON YOUR MEMORY AT LECTURES, you must make record of it, because you are bound to forget.

    Try to draw a chat on the particular topic within the subject you are studying it, it helps on exam revision too.

    Use Revision Aid, such as Flash Cards or Studying Cards. Use appropriate side (A4,B4 whichever) that suit your need. Look at it during free time.

    Write those subject out on paper, this help refresh your memory.

    Prepare notes that you can carry at hand-size, so you can read it when you are on a bus, on train, while waiting for a friend, at lunch etc.

    Most importantly, read what you are studying, try to give time and concentrate on the subject.

  • 10 月前