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題目:Many shopping malls in Hong Kong delight shoppers at Christmas every year. You were impressed by one of the biggest shopping mall in Hong Kong during the previous Christmas. Write an article for a tee magazine describing its decoration, special events and visitors' reaction during the period you visit Give your article an interesting title.

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  • 5 月前

    -----------------The Christmas Celebration at the Mall of HK-----------------

    Last Christmas at Landmark, Des Voeus Road Central, we friends were visiting the famous shopping mall for window shopping to look at the displays in the floors of windows.

    In the main hall were decorated with ornaments with a large Santa Claus (Father Christmas) adornment who was juggling with ball-gifts to amuse visitors to a surrounding of 8 very tall holly trees decorated with tinsel, candles, toys , ball-gifts and presents,etc..Piano steppings were surrounding the whole stage, making a deep impression on every visitors.

    The special events were 4 machine-operated  "A.I. " interior decorators' figures who were throwing expensive gifts at me and my friends. A santa claus suddenly appeared and gave me a gold medal with ribbon worn as an honor-award for the 100th visitor's lucky honour !?

    American vistors who stayed at the place treated it as a winter holiday resort and festival. The vistors were asked to sign their names and gave brief comments on the vistors' book and were each given a food token worth $400.00. for use at the Hotel or a shopping place of public interest inside the Mall on that night only !?

    The music, the carols ,the dancers were suddenly vividly exaggerared around the stage of the Mall ,and the X'mas story ceremoniously and delightfully overacted to the reaction of excitement to Father Christmas on this Christmas season.

    What is your reaction when you are reading this story having "A Merry Christmas " as a title ?! (240 words)

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      Thanks for the encouragement.

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