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是who is the boy and girl還是who are the boy and girl?

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    問 who are the boy and the girl

    答 they are mike and shelly

    你把the boy and the girl 用they帶進去

    ---》who are they who is they


    還有你的girl 的the ,s要選一個加

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    解: Who are the boy and girl?

    主詞是boy and girl 複數

    所以用are 回答是正確的

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    答案是:Who are the boy and girl?

  • 2 星期 前

    應該是 : Who is the boy and who are the girls ?

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    As the interrogative pronoun,Who being used as Subject. For example:Who is that man ? or Who are those men?  As in case of your grammatical writing;it would be wri

    tten as " Who is that child or pupil.? "  or "Who are those Children or pupils.? "

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      還有或許你可以在 boy 和girl後面各加一個s?

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    Who are the "boy and girl?"

    Question beginning with question word for the personal pronoun "they" are plural number.

    eg:-They are xx and xxx.

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    who is the boy中英也不通,究竟你想說什麼?