Prius GS 2012 耗油問題?

每程平均顯示13km/L , 總埋單$1.3 /km

有否Ching 試過Prius 耗油問題? 標板又無著任何燈, 正常腳法行駛。 普通mode 行駛。


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  • Gary
    Lv 7
    6 月 前

    There are many reasons impacting fuel efficiency.

    At the minimum, Toyota Prius is designed to be more fuel efficient for city driving rather than any highway driving. So a reduced fuel efficiency may indicate that the vehicle has been driving mostly in highway.

    Also - because it is a hybrid vehicle, it is still subject to typical vehicular problems. So a dirty (internal) vehicle can impact the fuel efficiency as well.

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    • Gary
      Lv 7
      6 月 前舉報

      Difficult to say.

      But I would rather say it is a maintenance issue, as they are easy to detect and fix.

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