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有沒有辦法查到這個電郵是否真的是由銀行發出呢? 很多人話 是free email, 個個都開得, 但我試過開, 係開左但跟著block左我唔俾我用. 我好想知有無辦法查到,?

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  • Gary
    Lv 7
    9 月前

    This email address does not belong to Barclay. So the email is fake.

    Generally speaking, each and every bank's email address ends with the bank's domain name (i.e. the portion after @). When you have as the domain name, it is a clear sign that the email address does not associate with the bank.

    Also, for security purposes, banks will not usually send emails to their customers unless: 1) the emails are advertisements; 2) the email are related to the account, but without account information; 3) It is a response of an email you have sent.

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