About my job in hk, options?

Hi all I am 27 right now. Came back from Australia from studying and working. I am a local HongKonger, finished HKAL with only Grade D in Chinese and English but failed in other subjects. Had some freelance jobs and have some customer service expenience in hk. I scored 7.5 in IELTS in HK recently, wanting to look for a job with international environment? Is it possible? Where should I start? As I do not have a lot of working experience in hk which make me feel falling a lots behind with the people at the same age. Preferably 9-6 jobs. Any suggestions?

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  • 2 年前

    First of all:

    What is ur highest degree? field of profession? what did u study back in Australia? and what is the work experience u gained there? were u saying u like to do customer service as a life-long profession?


    Grade D in any subject doesn't look so good, and probably wouldn't help u internationally. 7.5 Ielts is pretty average as well, so in conclusion, you may not be able to use your language skills for job of translation, but there is a chance for u to work or study abroad (in other english-speaking country of course).

    Last but not least:

    What do you want to do with your life? How do you feel about going back to school?

    The hurtful truth is you really need some sort of degree/certificate or years of professional experience for 9-6 employment.

    You need to offer a lot more info here. If you continue working the minimum wages, it might earn you tuition fee you needed in 5-6 years. There is no easy start, it's not that simple. People can get a bachelor with straight As still have trouble finding a 9-6 job.

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    2 年前

    Unlikely to happen.

    Merely studying in a foreign country is not sufficient for any international firms to have an interest on you.