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fan 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 11 月前

我想要所有文具的英文名稱 thx~~~ 仲要中文解釋 THX~~~~ 求下大家啦十萬火急 救下我la T....H...X...!... 要默書?

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    11 月前

    Stationery are the collective noun for cultural tools such as; Fountain pen, pen, Pen set, Ink, Ink bottle, Ball--pen, Pencil, Pencil box, Chalk, Crayon, Brush pen, Ink stone, India ink, stamp pad, Seal stamping paste, Blotting paper, Rubber eraser, Pencil sharpener, Sponge, Paste, Adhesive tape,Cellophane tape, Mucilage or blue, Pin, Clip, Thump tack, Fastener, Rubber band, Puncher, Stapler, Remover, Numbering machine, Rubber stamp, Calendar, Note-book, Exercise-book, Diary, Address book, Photo album, Book ends, etc. Yip

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  • 11 月前


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