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前業主在成交日後,開我的信箱,對方說沒有取信,可否告她? 這是否犯法?她承認前,我們已報警,請問可以怎樣追討?

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  • ?
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    1 年前

    1. Maybe.

    2. Yes.

    3. That will be difficulty.

    Technically speaking, while mailbox is not a part of the property (i.e. you don't own it), still it is within the owner's control (subject to relevant ordinances). Unless prior arrangement has been made, the previous owner no longer has rights to open the mailbox of the property once the sale is completed. The previous owner's action has constitute civil trespass in the civil law perspective.

    Although the previous owner was wrong, the problem here is you have to prove you were injured by the action of the previous owner, i.e. you have to show how the previous owner's action caused your damage. In this case, it is extremely difficult, as:

    a. It is unlikely that you have mails to the new property, given the property was just sold recently.

    b. You can't prove that any of your mails have been taken away.

    On that basis, the best you can do is $1 nominal damage.

    It is simply not worth the effort.

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    • Gary
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      1 年前舉報

      If the police is aware of the CCTV, then after reviewing the CCTV, the police will act based on what the CCTV has shown.

      In other word, the previous owner would be arrested.

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    民法第七五八條第一項:「不動產物權,依 法律行為而取得、設定、喪失及變更者,非經 登記,不生效力。」。 上開規定係屬「設權登 記(創設登記)」,即創設物權之登記(登記 要件主義),不動產物權,依法律行為而變動 者,非經登記,則當事人間縱有物權變動之事 實,在法律上亦絕對不生效力。 亦稱「生效登 記」或「絕對登記」。

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    請問 是要追討 金錢嗎?????????????????





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