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5.如果我是主角() 我會做什麼

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    Cinderella is the story of jealousy, virtues and sufferings of Cinderella and hostility of her older sisters. The fairytale about Cinderella has won many generations and everyone who believes that a humiliated being will rise and win and also that beauty and virtue not only have to be rewarded but also recognized.

    Cinderella is a fairytale about how big forgiveness can be and because of it Cinderella will forgive her sister for everything. At the end when justice has been served Cinderella wasn’t looking for revenge, and that is the greatness of her.

    Genre: fairytale

    Time: once upon a time

    Place: Cinderellas home and the castle

    Book Summary

    Once upon a time a nobleman lived who married after his wife died, with a woman who had two daughters but they didn’t have a lot of good virtues. The nobleman had a daughter from the first marriage but she was, unlike her stepsisters, good and beautiful as her mother was.

    Right after the wedding the stepmother showed her real face and made her stepdaughter, Cinderella, do all of the housework while sleeping on the attic. She looked after her daughters and dressed them nicely. The girl, despite her misery, got on fine with everything but she couldn’t say anything to her father who was also afraid of the stepmother. Every night after a long day of working she used to sit next to the fireplace and that’s way she was called Cinderella. Even though she was wearing rags she was still more beautiful than her stepsisters.

    One day the king organized a ball for his son and invited all of the nobility. The two stepsisters were looking forward to the dance, made their hair and prepared their dresses. Cinderella selflessly helped them and wanted to go to the dance as every other girl. But dressed badly and filthy because of the ash she couldn’t go anywhere. Her stepsisters agreed with that.

    When the big day finally arrived her stepsister went to the ball. Cinderella said goodbye to them in tears and then her godmother who was a good fairy saw her. She felt pity for the poor Cinderella and when she told her she wanted to go to the ball the godmother decided to help her. First she sent the girl to the garden to get a pumpkin and then she carved it and made a beautiful carriage of it.

    After that Cinderella had to bring the mousetrap where 6 mice were caught and as one by one left the mousetrap the fairy godmother turned them into horses and the lizards that Cinderella found were turned into servants.

    Cinderella was still wearing the filthy dress so the fairy godmother made her a beautiful dress with just a touch of her wand. Nicely dressed Cinderella was ready for the ball. The fairy godmother reminded her that she can’t stay after midnight because then everything goes back to normal.

    When she arrived the prince spotted her immediately and was impressed with her beauty. Cinderella started dancing with the prince and sat around the table with her stepsisters and shared lemon and oranges with him that she got from the prince. The stepsisters did not recognize her. A moment before midnight Cinderella said goodbye to everyone and disappeared. At home she said her thanks to the fairy godmother and said that she would go to the dance tomorrow because the prince invited her. Later on the stepsisters returned and told the story about the beautiful girl they saw at the ball.

    The other day Cinderella asked one of her stepsisters to borrow her yellow dress for the dance and she was disgusted by that idea. The godmother stepped in one more time and Cinderella was having such a wonderful time at the ball that she had forgotten about the time. The midnight clock tick made her run but her shoe fell off and the prince found it. A search started but nobody knew where the beautiful girl went. The guards said that they have seen a peasant woman running but not a beautiful girl in a dress. The prince announced that he will marry the girl who is the owner of the shoe.

    The servants carried the shoe all around the kingdom and when they got to the house where Cinderella lived her stepsisters hurried to try on the shoe but it didn’t fit. Then Cinderella asked if she could try it what made the stepsisters laugh. The nobleman in charge of the shoe said that it was ordered by the prince that every girl needs to try on the shoe. It was a perfect fit for Cinderella.

    The stepsisters were even more shocked when Cinderella pulled the other shoe out of her pocket. After that the godmother arrived and made Cinderellas dress even more beautiful than at the ball. The stepsisters realized how mean they were and asked Cinderella for her forgiveness. She forgave everything and when she married the prince she settled her stepsisters in the castle and helped them get married for the gentlemans that lived there.

    Characters: Cinderella, stepsisters, fairy godmother, prince, stepmother

    Characters Analysis

    Cinderella is a modest and good girl. She lost her mother early, and her father married another woman. Unfortunately, it was a real example of the evil stepmother. She made Cinderella do all the jobs around the house, but Cinderella was diligent and she didn’t mind doing it. She kept trying to be good with her new mother and her daughters, but they didn’t want that. Despite her position, chores and the place where she was forced to reside, she was still the most beautiful among the daughters. Fortunately, she had a fairy godmother, which also helped. She won the prince with her beauty, but remained modest and humble. She didn’t hold a grudge and didn’t took revenge on his stepsisters although she had a chance. When they prayed for forgiveness, she was gracious and forgave them all. That way she could enjoy a life with her prince and live happily ever after.

    Stepmother is an evil woman. Before the wedding, she pretended to be good, in order to win a wealthy husband and to take care of herself and daughter. She acted arrogantly toward everyone, especially toward Cinderella. She turned her into a maid. She was terribly jealous of her beauty and youth, so she gave her difficult tasks and forcing her to sleep in the ashes. Stepmother wanted to marry one of her’s daughters for prince, so she also tortured them. Her daughters were also victims of their mother. After Cinderella became queen, she could not bear her luck again. That’s why she was expelled from the castle.

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