Imagine being stripped of your clothes. being是什麼詞性? 動詞後接?? that should have been easy for me? been是什麼詞??什麼意思?


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  • Jenkin
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    2 年前

    being在這問題(句子)並不可以獨立看的,因為being本身是可以作另一獨立名詞。這裏的詞性是要加上動詞一起來理解being stripped 。假如你有學動詞時態和形式,請自行參考。這詞性是由be stripped的被動式動詞時態變為現在分詞以表達一種情況而不是動作。



    那(that)是(have been)令你(感到)"容易"的(easy)

  • 呆子
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    2 年前

    Imagine being stripped of your clothes. being是什麼詞性? 動詞後接??

    本句是祈使句,若還原該句則較易懂,you imagine being stripped of your clothes. 因為不寫you也知道是指对方,而being stripped 是動名詞當受詞用,of your clothes係介詞當副詞修飾動詞stripped,本句型為S + V +O,除了imagine外,還有enjoy, remember 等,均是此種用法

    that should have been easy for me? been是什麼詞??是動詞be的過去分詞,與have連用形成完成式,然而本句以should + 完成式有其尃門意義,即表示假設句過去事實相反,翻成中文即過去那件事对你應該很容易啊!但事實对他是相當困難的

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  • 2 年前

    should have been--been easy---the present participle of BE-----used to say that you have been to do that something easily---yet in an easy state Or condition Or IT Should be easy ,BUT NOT本容易.----adj phrase qualifying been in should have been.-----eg :-You're being stripped easily.--------All being well=if everything goes well=for the time being concerning being stripped=passive voice to strip-----已容易到過去過來過

    being---(a linking verb)---the present participle of BE----is used to give the reason for something.NOT Voluntarily非自願---eg:-Being stripped off the clothes, I ought to be ashamed of having sex.(being stripped vs ashamed)----eg:-Being a quiet sort of timid person, I didn't want to be naked ( being quiet vs naked).----eg:-You can't expect me to stand still naked for that long, "a timid boy being "what I am.(being timid vs being what I am)本質本性本心正在如果脫衣.