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Scientific knowledge has its(6) .Many Question still cannot be answered using our present scientific knowledge? 第六題點做?順便解釋一下?

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  • 2 年前

    Scientific knowledge (科學知識) has its limits (有其自身的限制 ==> 有很多現象之尚未被了解) .Many Question(許多問題) still(迄今) cannot be answered (無法被回答 ==>獲得解釋) using our(使用我們) present scientific knowledge(目前的科學知識)


  • YIP
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    2 年前

    Scientific knowledge have their limits and many questions still cannot be solved by using our present scientific methods. In my opinion, it is a matter of time; when our scientists devote themselves to explore and invent what are needed and useful for answering our purposes. Yip