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In a nuclear war between the USA, Russia and China, who would win?

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  • 2 年前

    You need to think if there has WWIII, how is the European, Middle East, East Asia, and Australia will do?

    1. Cooperating with Russia

    2. Cooperating with the USA

    3. Neutral state

  • 匿名
    2 年前

    Mutual Assured Destruction

    Cockroach will be win.

  • YIP
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    2 年前

    As far as we understand that, if there is a nuclear war among united states, Russia and China, and then as the result, there will be no winner, for all of them will be perished from the earth. Yip

  • 10 月前

    Let me provide a normal answer.


    There will be no winner in this war but the whole earth gets destroyed.