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  • Jenkin
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    2 年前

    Dear Teacher,

    Yesterday was the most shameful day in my X years of life. It was so wrong that I let my classmate to copy answers of the homework we need to work on our own. I have totally failed your trust and hard work in setting the homework for our education. I am not sure why I did that then. Perhaps it was because I felt the need to help him to finish the homework on time. I realize I took the incorrect step. I should have study with him to teach him how to do the homework instead of just letting him copy the answers. Now, I feel so blessed because you have made me realize I have become smarter and a better person both in learning and how to be helpful to my classmates. I wish you can help me to form a study group to recruit some of the better students in your class to help those with difficulties with homework so that we can help each other in the right way. Thank you very much for letting me to tell you my thoughts from this mistake. I will work hard to study the subject to get more knowledge and skills so that I can be a teacher in the future.


    YOU: Emma

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  • 2 年前

    --------Letter of Remorse------

    Dear Madam,

    ---I trust you will forgive my writing to you to send my deepest regret for my wrong doing for my action and behaviour on letting my fellow classmate to copy homework in class.

    ---I am currently taking positive action to help myself and prevent this ever happen again.

    ---I can not even think how Miss Chen must feel having such a revolting act like that to be done in class.

    ---What I am trying to help is that my fellow classmate is too busy nursing her sick parents and have no time to do any homework to be filled with remorse for her poor academic standard recently.I shall of course try help her to revise homework with her after class. Please don't punish her for the wrongdoing causing more suffering and discomfort for her.

    ---I sincerely hope for forgiveness and am very sorry and hope it has not affect our fellow classmates' learning in your class in any way.

    -------------------------------------Your respectful student,

    --------------------------------------(Emma suk-yee Tang)


    • TOMING88
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      2 年前舉報

      Why I write a regret letter w/o pay ?!

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  • 2 年前


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  • 匿名
    2 年前

    I don't know why lor my teacher always so fan lor tell me do homework lor kum so many homework ar ma no time ma so I mic copy lor

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