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匿名 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 2 年前

小王子 讀後感🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻250字?


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  • 2 年前

    The Introduction:-

    (All in present tense)

    The pilot and LP(=little prince) share a very precious friendship in desert; very sad when LP leaves earth;very nostalgic so as to write the novel in memory of LP.

    The novel narrator is a pilot who tells readers at beginning that LP can not find an adult when can talk and speculate because all too practical-minded.

    The pilot meets LP in Sahara Dessert 6 yrs after a plane crash.

    The mysterious LP from other planets before reaching Earth visits:-

    The king=vainity man;Banda drunkard;merchant, light man worker;geographer; serpent; 3 petals flower of dessert; rose garden, carpenter,; merchant;the Fox;and pilot the narrator.


    Thought after reading give me a sudden creative activity in literature,art, drawn from nature of Sahara Dessert:-

    The LP is actually a perspective of author's observation of the world by LP's purity and intelligence revealing them in unconscious coercive compelling forces to make them obedient but actually coldness and nothingless behind that might be revealed cold way by putting them separately in different places in between with no connections.


    The LP himself is a boy of great meaning+intelligence, being a child with pure mind not defiled by filthy ugliness of real world; longing for curiosity; in quest for truth and absurd which gets unresolved contradiction not the kind of answer he wants=reject=why he died.


    On the planets LP meets

    (1)a king to be a symbol of political rights

    (2)a businessman who always counting stars referring greedy ,selfish for money-making business.

    (3)Geographer, means pilot the narrator himself or the author, out of the normal way; unreal;obsessed with intellectual or lingustic variety in vanity only.

    (4)light lamp worker refers simple and diligent working people in society

    • TOMING88
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      2 年前舉報

      Thanks for the encouragement----prototype典型pompous自負浮華;futile輕浮;conceit自負egoist奇想---covetous貪求

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