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"While" 與 "When" 有沒有分別?

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    while n, period of time:-

    eg:-Where have you been all this "while" ?

    eg:-We're going away for a "while".

    eg:-I'll be back in a "while".

    conjunction:-during the time that; for as long as; at the same time as:-

    eg:-He fell asleep "while" he was doing his English exercises.

    eg:-"While" in London he studied English Language.

    eg:-"While" (=as long as) there is life there is hope.

    Implying a concession=although;

    eg:-"While" I admit that the problems are difficult, I don't agree that they cannot be solved in your posting.


    when adv; at what time; on what occasion;-

    eg:-"When" can you come?

    eg:-"When" did that happen ?

    eg:-I don't know "when" that happened.

    as relative adverb (with day, time, etc. at or on which;)

    eg:-Sunday is the day "when" I am least busy.

    eg:-There are times "when" joking is not permissible !

    as conjunction:-at or during the time that:-

    eg:-It was raining "when" I arrived.

    eg:-She waved "when" she saw me.

    eg:-"When" speaking English, we often make mistakes.

    eg:-The president will visit the College,"when" she will give a speech.

    since; considering that:-

    eg:-How can I help her "when" she won't listen to me ?

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    當然有分別! 舉例來說:

    (1) I will marry you when you buy a house.

    (2) I will marry you while you buy (are buying) a house.

    (1)有已經買完房子的意思 所以買房是結婚你的條件


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