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" hide from" 、 "hide out" 與 "hide away" 有什麼分別?

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  • SC147
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    3 年前

    " hide from" --- 避開「某人」[ to hide from SOMEONE ]

    eg. Are you hiding from me? 你想避開我嗎?

    eg. The rabbit was trying to hide from the fox. 兔子試圖避開狐狸

    "hide out" --- 躲藏起來 [ to hide SOMEWHERE (so that you cannot be found) ]

    eg. The robber was hiding out from the police. 為了逃避警察, 盜賊躲藏起來

    "hide away" -- 「把」…藏起來 [ to hide SOMETHING / SOMEONE away (in a place) ]

    eg. The robbers hide the jewellery away. 盜賊把珠寳藏起來

    eg. The boy hides away the cookies. 男孩把曲奇藏起來




    eg. In order to HIDE FROM the eagle, the bird HIDES OUT beneath some large leaves. It also HIDES AWAY its eggs by sitting on them.

  • 匿名
    3 年前