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用 "disappointed at" 定用 "disappointed with" ?

The audience was very ______ the drama.

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  • Simon
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    3 年前

    The audience was very ______ the drama.

    1."be disappointed" 可接很多種介繫詞 (at/by/about/in/with),且意思大致相同.

    2.當不滿意對象為人時,"disappointed IN" 用的最普遍

    I’m very disappointed in you. --- Longman (如係考試,這是標準答案)

    但I am disappointed with you 也被使用,並非文法錯誤,如

    His parents were bitterly disappointed in/with him -- Cambridge

    3. 當不滿意對象為事時,at/with/by/about something都可使用, 如字典例句

    Local residents were disappointed with the decision. – Longman --(1)

    We were deeply disappointed at/about the result. – Cambridge -- (2)

    People are disappointed by the lack of political change – Longman. (3)

    用 by 時通常有接特別發生原因 – the lack of political change (3) – 本句不合

    用at 有特定意味,如句(2) at the result,對特定結果本身不滿

    用 with 時,通常代表對事物的基本特性、特質不滿,如句(1) 對 the decision 的內容不滿

    於 at 與 with 二選一時,因句子未對drama 作特殊描 使其有特定性,適合選項為with,代表對劇情的不滿

  • 3 年前

    The audience was very [disappointed with] the drama.

    # disappointed [形容詞] 釋義1.〈人が〉落胆[失望]した((in,with ...,at doing,to do,that 節))

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    "disappointed at" Yip

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