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English vocabularies or phrases ABOUT FASHION? Also need the PART OF SPEECH and MEANING. At least 5 VOCABULARY. Many thanks?

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  • 3 年前

    fashion, n,v,Fashion is style, esp in clothing and personal appearance,and Buz relating to

    eg:-She likes to keep up with the latest fashions Long hair is in fashion.Narrow and tight trousers are the latest fashion.She becomes a fashion correspondent with one of the national Newspaper/magazines.Her teenage daughter ,Joyce, is very fashion-conscious

    A fashion is a style of clothing,activity,behaving that's popular for a time.

    eg:-There were pictures of the latest fashions from the Italian show.

    eg:-The '80s generation set a fashion trend for jogging and healthy living

    eg:-phrase;-I speak Korean-Japanese-Russian after a fashion, but not very well,but can't read them at all ?!

    eg:-in fashion:-Tweed Jackets are in fashion again

    -----When did the mini skirt first come into fashion?

    -----Wearing a lot of make-up is out of fashion.

    -----verb-fashioned--Female hunters fashioned clothes for themselves from animal skins.-eg:-leopards.

    fashionable, adjective; clothes or behaviour that are fashionable are popular at the present moment

    eg:-Long skirts and a fashionable woman hat become very fashionable in the late '60s.

    -----They lived in a fashionable district of Central HK where fashionably dressed young women twisted,interwined around each other.She moves in fashionable circles of high social standing, high social position.

    -----It has become fashionable in recent years to buy environmentally friendly products from farm.

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