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You are Macbeth.write a diary of that you feel after seeing the three witches in about 120words (Macbeth-William Shakespeare)?

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    The diary record the events while I'm keeping it while I've seen and felt after seeing the three witches. Have you been reading my diary?

    Briefly, evil is not good morally,wicked and harmful based on an evil Macbeth(myself) who killed Duncan to become king after seeing the three witches.

    Having seen the 3 witches(=supernatural beings), I believed their prediction.

    I think magic witch exists is an evil theme.

    As the witch foretellers I've seen had control my thought, and the same with my wife, to kill Duncan is my evil view.

    So I learnt and believed the 3 witches prediction that I'd become Thane of Cawdor and then king is true.

    Human nature will show the feeling which my wife are supposted to have, but after seeing the 3 witches, we are greed for power, with a murderous evil scheme, plotting to kill the king and become king.

    Basic human emotion has got the strong feelings of human spirit, but after seeing the 3 sprit,they effect my wife with hatred and grief for us. We are succumb to the tortured-guilt, the greater strength, force desire in the face of my wife.The 3 witches have pursuasive offers,predictions that eventually me and my wife succumbed. We finally succumbed to the 3 witches, due to my wife's unstabled emotions.

    Since I've killed so many innocent people, causing them pain, I'm heartless and life is too HARD for me with tortuous guilt that I'd made my life so meaningless, and no chance to be a better person whatever again.May God bless me !

    And having known the power and emotion had entered my wife's head and being deceived, controlled by her, I try to plot to kill Duncan !

    Having practice human sacrifice, you may have found no error, no fault in me , but theirs, when I become king.

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    who the hell gave you this damn difficult piece of homework!