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匿名 發問於 政治及管治法律及道德 · 3 年前


我地每次問點解咁貴,佢次次就話贏左入對方數。佢地之前唔知點解係咁轉大律師,又唔知點解突然又轉去上高院,但被高院rejected.我地無端端要比五萬幾對方堂費。 跟住又有一次話更改申索書,佢地又寄張單比我地比對方堂費。而家又黎封信話又更改申索書,內容話對方搵到我地之前嘅申索書都我地專家報告唔一樣,我地又要就更改申索書比對方堂費。而家又寄封信黎話就更改申索書問左大律師意見,六月上庭,睇黎又有張十幾萬嘅單。(我地唔知佢地而家揾左邊個大律師同收幾錢)有冇人可以比到意見可以點做?個律師係咪有心拖?佢地咁收費係咪正常?其實佢地係咁更改申索書,(如果係佢地寫申索書嘅時候出左問題,點解要我地比)


Thanks Gary, may I ask you if it is okay to seek advice from bar association to check the invoices? We are paying $4700 for the lawyer and $2700 for the assistant. They increase the fee by $100 each period without notifying us. If like what your said they are incompetent, is there anything we can do at this stage? We worry that they may play tricks if we are going to take actions to against them..please advise..

更新 2:

Thanks again. 我地真係冇辦法,但又唔想阿爸辛辛苦苦儲返黎D錢比哂個律師用哂去不斷睇資料(張張單咁寫),又不斷咁就修改申索書係咁比對方堂費同律師錢。而家又唔知幾時完。睇到我爸爸自己有病又唔睇醫生,又從來冇享受過,但係又咁比律師咁攞法,想睇下有冇其他辦法。。 

更新 3:

Thanks again for your generous help. We received another invoice, again paying to the lawyer for the time reading information..this is like never ending and keeps going on and on. my dad is 60+, and mum has diabetes..what would you recommend if you were in this situation? X'mas

1 個解答

  • Gary
    Lv 7
    3 年前

    1. Based on the information, your case has gone too far to replace the solicitor for the case (switching at this moment can cost even more).

    The only way to do now is to examine all bills closely and determine if they are justified (even it means you have to asked for the reason).

    2. No. The solicitor sounds incompetent rather than stalling.

    For instance, if the CFI has no jurisdiction of the case, why bother with barristers and CFI (Solicitors are allowed to represent their clients in the DC)?

    3. No comment. Legal fees is usually related to the complexity of the case.

    4. See #2.


    1. I believe your issue is not with the barrister, but the solicitor. So the Bar Association may not be able to help you. Legal Society may help, but there is no guarantee.

    2. Evaluate your legal fees one by one with full explanation.

    3. This is why you don't act until you are certain that the fees are not justified.

    更新 2:

    There are always alternatives. The question is if it is worth choosing the alternatives or not.

    Since your questions will get complicated eventually, why not email me and discuss further?

    更新 3:

    Nothing to recommend.

    1. To recommend means the detail of the case. This is why I said it may be best to email me.

    2. Again - as in general, there is nothing you can do unless you give up on this lawyer, which means another lawyer and another set of fees.