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小三英文功課,急 2.You are going to a park with your family on this Sunday. Write about what your family like doing in the park in about 30 words.?

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    < I am going to a park with my family on this Sunday. 可省略>

    In the park, we like to make for a barbecue;share the yummy foods with my families, and play badminton. We can also feed the little fishes or fly a kite.

    It will be very funny.

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      版大 您好~
      更正, SORRY! 🙏

      In the park, we would like to...

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    In the park, we like to sunbath in our swimming suits and sip away icy lemonade. Sometimes, we played football with cute young dudes till the night. Of course, what I enjoy most is to fly kites in nice breezes - seeing the kite flies into the cloud really makes me super excited.