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1 我已匆匆看完雜誌和圖書。

主 謂

主 謂 賓

2 慢慢咀嚼對身體健康有幫助。

3 主人拉着牽引繩帶那狗狗去散步。

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  • Simon
    Lv 5
    2 年前

    可否分析下列句子是否適當?謝謝(敬希指正 -- too formal, normally uesd in very formal letter. Here is email, no need to be so polite)。

    1 我已匆匆看完雜誌和圖書。

    Good writing, but in spoken language, you could change “匆

    匆” to “急忙的”, because it’s much more commonly used.

    2 慢慢咀嚼對身體健康有幫助。

    Good in written and spoken language.

    3 主人拉着牽引繩帶那狗狗去散步。

    In spoken language, you could change “牽引繩” to “繩子”,

    To use 牽引繩, it sounds like a technical term used in engineering - a rope to pull the motor – too formal for a leash.

    1. 可否分析下列句子中的句子成分是否正確?

    I know you’re trying to say to analyze “the words in the sentences”, but in normal conversation or writing, “中的句子成分” is not required. Because you have already had “句子” in your sentence, too add it in just make the sentence hard to read, and actually it rather becomes “畫蛇填足” – draw a snake with feet.

    Oh, my God, I know little about English grammar. I know nothing about Chinese grammar. Only you tell me how you feel about these sentences from Chinese grammar points you learned, then, may be I can fine-tune the concept you have.

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  • 2 年前


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