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小學3年班教導英文工作紙改正(明天交)謝謝 Jack is reading a story in the magazine. Read the first part of the story.?

Jack is interested in sports.

He likes playing ball games. He can play football and volleyball.

He can play many ball games but he can't play badminton.

One day, Jack's classmatel Paul asks him to play badminton at lunch.

"Jack, can you play ball games?

Let's play badminton at lunch," says Paul.

Jack answers……

what happens next ?

Finish the story in not less than 30 words .

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  • 3 年前

    "Paul, thanks for the invitation.I can play a lot of ball games; eg:-football and volleyball ; but I can't play the indoor badminton with racket.May be it's time to learn something new. Can you teach me the badminton game at lunch?""

    "OK, let's go to the indoor stadium. I'll teach you the badminton game all right.Jack."