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請問 in order to 的意思 相等於 so as to 嗎?


in order to 等於 so as to

in order that 等於 so that


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    4 年前

    so as (not) to = in order (not) to =以便 [以免]

    但往往so as to 之後接「無意志動詞」,in order to之後接「意志動詞」

    We came early so as to "have" plenty of time. = We came early in order to "have" plenty of time.

    I got up early so as to "be" in time for the first train. = I got up early in order to "take" the first time.

    in order that: 俾便...,為了...

    We are sending our representative in order that you may discuss the matter with him.

    in order that為文語的說法,白話用so that

    資料來源: 《新世紀英漢辭典》 p.73 as 片語:so as to [so as not to] p.973 order的片語:in order that