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Janice 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 4 年前



1. A letter to the Editor (eg of a newspaper) highlighting a particular concern about the issue (eg ethical issue, impact on the environment, social justice) (around 250 words).

2.An information ‘brief’ in the form of an letter for either an internal stakeholder (eg employees, senior management, public relations department) (around 250 words).

1 個解答

  • 4 年前

    Dear Editor,

    ---Re:-A travel passenger was removed from United Flight on 8am April 9th by police guards.

    ---Our hearts are simply broken at the news.How can ethical issue not maintainted when the flight was overbooked with agreeable passengers?How can impact on the environment be so bloody with other Aircraft-Co.?How can social justice not be maintainted but seats cleared for airline employees on standby needed for shifts duty?

    ---We feel we must be with the common passengers at this time, just in case the usa laws need to be useless.Unless the UN Airways explain to the public, they will arrive in lawsuit.

    -------------------------------------Your readers,



    Dear Colleagues of (xxxx) Co,

    ----This is an information brief on ordinary shares.We have received a demand from our Boss to open up the stock market dealing with 10M shares in the profits.In view of the compulsory-natured endeavour which will improve our liability and trade competition between other Co.,We should be grateful if you all employees,senior management,public relation Dept. personnels, could inform us how many accumulator-add-no. of shares you want to deal with soon.You must take your share of the blame if you fail.This breifing lasting only for a short reasonable time in brevity.

    ----------------------------Yours truly,

    ---------------------------------(xxx),Managing Director,(----,Ltd.)(.......)