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Argumentative writing?

Topic:It is better to adopt dogs than cockatoos as a pet.

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  • 4 年前

    -----Argumentative writing has a set of reasons that show that something is true or untrue, right or wrong. In maintaining a case, giving reasons in support of, for and against with the aim of persuading you to read on is not easy.This essay is complex and ingenious.It is a powerful argument against adoption of pets.

    -----The familiar argument that the costs outweight the benefits have been used;applied.The act of disagreeing or questioning something on pets here are applied.

    -----For the sake of argument in order to discuss some of the possibilities, let us say for the sake of argument in the essay that you don't take the dog (=collie=cockatoo), then what?

    ----It is right to raise a cockatoo which is an Australian parrot with a lot of feathers on top of its head.It doesn't need walking,cheaper,no destroying the house surrounding,and can flying around the home.

    ----Then what is untrue is that the collie has been easy-trotting and walking the dog accompanying you with faeces and urination being picked up by you ingeniously (adverb),and it won't destroy anything.

    ----Then what is left is it is wrong to support a cockatoo which dies soon.Creuty to parrot is severely punished if seen by Police in HK.It can be taught to copy human speech=your speech in parrot fashion repeating what you have just said in foul,bad language without understanding it ! Reciting parrot-fashion is your worse behaviour in life !

    ----It is better to adopt a dog "collie" because it is a very common animal kept as a pet or to guard a building as a dog is men's best friend. The benefit outweights everything. You accept this suggestion and proverb that "Every dog has its day" that even the most unimportant person has a time in their life when they are successful and noticed in HK.

    Thanks for your time and attention on this argumentative essay.