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hard working stiffs 意思?

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  • Kookie
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    3 年前

    Hard working stiffs

    1.) 人死後身體就會僵硬,stiff 這個字當名詞,就指只知死板板按部就班,不知變通的人。

    2.) 也可用來指非管理階層,聽命行事,只為糊口謀生的員工

    3.) 牛津字典中,a working stiff 翻成 "工作狂",帶有戲謔的含意

    總而言之,working stiff 指終日忙碌於固定工作,不須動腦應變的人。適當的解釋則需要依前後文才能得知。

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  • Ka Po
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    3 年前

    stiff 解作老頭子

    Hard working stiffs 意思是勤奋工作的老頭子

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  • 3 年前

    Hard working stuff= material or substance of which something is made ,which may be used for some purpose household.

    eg:-a stiff brush:-scrub out, clean by rubbing hard, esp. with a stiff brush, to scrub the floor, scrub out a pan, scrub the walls clean in Chinese new year cleaning days.

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  • 匿名
    3 年前


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  • 3 年前

    在Google translate 找到的是hardworkingstiffs -勤奋的工作

    資料來源: Google translate
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  • Simon
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    3 年前

    To the questioner.

    I think you know what the meaning of “Hard Working Stiff”. Simply put, I doubt you have known the meaning of “Hard working Stiff”by the reasonable conjecture that these phrase, I think, has never been used in formal spoken(written) English. Enclosed evidence shows as follow that this phrase has been used as a brand for porn purpose.

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    Oh, sorry, it’s still my conjecture, may be you happen to see a Hollywood blockbuster to a TV sitcom and see this hard-understandable phrase, then, fine, but please add some before-words and V after-words next time help us guess what it means.

    A proverb in Chinese “ A blind who touches the part of a elephant is impossible to know what he touches”.

    My opinion is, this is a English forum, aimed to share common English knowledge that is useful to everyday life. Not the brand/buzzword/jargon that affiliates to special kind of knowledge which seldom people know or it’s useless to know.

    So next time, if you happen to know the meaning of some bizarre/fancy/morbid English words like “Hard Working Stiff”, You aren’t welcomed to post these dirty words on the forum which just let all of us scratch our head. In English field, there are lots of English words/grammar/slams deserved to be posted, and after answering by answerer, which’ll help more people have a better/useful knowledge from both of your posting and the answers submitted by answerers, and the first thank should own to you, because without your posting, there’ll be no answers, and the point is there would be less knowledge can be shared among the people who find Yahoo – Knowledge – Society & culture – Languages is a good website to browse. And also many thanks to Yahoo -

    you are the best.

    Best regard,


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    • Simon
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      3 年前舉報

      承認 hard-working stiffs 有其出處及合理應用,謝謝

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