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Donna is sensitive to grammar. Donna is sensitive about grammar.分別?

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    sensitive to 或 sensitive about 許多時候是因應個人如何界定sensitive 的對象。

    1.) 一般來說,來自於外部的反應,採用sensitive to

    Her reply showed that she was very sensitive to criticism.

    Coral is very sensitive to changes in water temperature.

    所以,Donna is sensitive to grammar errors. 當然是正確的。(注意error在句中的意義)

    2.) 如果是屬於自身或主題所含括的範圍,可以採用about

    She's very sensitive about her weight.

    ‘He was highly sensitive about his background and age (‘Just say I'm in my late thirties,’ he used to tell journalists).’

    (參閱 more examples)

    Donna is sensitive about grammar issues. 當然也是正確。值得注意的是,採用sensitive to 要比 sensitive about 的例子高出許多。

    'If you're so sensitive about grammar and pronunciation,' said the American, 'You shouldn't insist on French being the language of diplomacy.

    句中about意指 "關於此一主題"。採用 to 也可,但意思上則傾向"針對文法或發音一絲不茍的反應"

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    about=adv=on every side, all around about on English Grammar here and there.

    to=towards=prep=as far as Grammar is concerned.!!!

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