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(3)把三角匙插入開鎖孔,確認開鎖的方向。 “如圖片(二)”


(5)門鎖打開後,先把門門推開一條約100mm寬的縫,觀察井道內情況確認轎廂位置,特別是注意此時層站門不能一下開得太大。 “如圖片(三)”


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    (1)Beware while you want to open the gate of elevator on that floor and check whether it is the right one, otherwise you might falling down when entered;(2) Look at the lighting at the gate of elevator and clearing up miscellaneous stuff or to check whether there is absolutely no body around;(3) To ensure by apply the triangular -shaped key to open the lock in the right direction as shown in the picture(二);(4)The qualified technician will stand firmly on the gate of elevator and to apply the key to unlock slowly;(5) Having the lock being opened,care must be taken not to open the door too widely or with a 100 mm space so as to able look at the basement where is the elevator being located as shown in the picture(三);(6)After having examined the technician will make sure the door was locked safely. Yip