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Question about x-ray, concept confusion?

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1. Must the electron brought to rest(in one step or many steps) in Bremsstrahlung effect?

2. Besides from a coming electron knocking off an electron on the shell then another electron fills the void, can the coming electron just excite an electron on the shell to a higher state and release a photon by the electron falling to a lower energy level?

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    1. In X-ray production, most of the incident electrons are brought to rest, by the target atoms, in a series of collisions. During each collision, a photon is emitted (this is Bremsstrahlung, or Braking Radiation in English). Only few electrons are stopped by the target atoms in a single collision. The Bremsstrahlung spectrum is thus a "continuous spectrum".

    2. This could happen. It is a process that we call "excitation", but the probability for it to occur is low at electron energy commonly used in X-ray tubes.