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Explain why photoelectrons have different speed while their incident photons have fixed energy.?

The answer is : Part of the energy gained by an electron from a photon is lost through a number of collisions with the surrounding electrons/ions.

But I think it is because of the Fermi-dirac distribution of different KE of electrons inside the metal in a photoelectron experiment. Which leads to a variation of KE after absorbing the same photons.

Am I correct?

Am I wrong?

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  • 天同
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    4 年前

    Photoelectric effect occurs when an incident photon is completely absorbed by the outermost orbital electron of an atom, and resulted in the ejection of that electron from its orbit. Depending on where the atom is (on the surface of the photosensitive material or deep inside the material), the ejected electron may need to undergo a number of collisions with the material atoms before it escapes from the material. The is the main reason for the variation in kinetic energy of the photo-electrons.

    I don't think this relates to Fermi-Dirac Statistics, which figures out the energy states of electrons.