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Why does he hate me?

So hello, theres this guy in my class that I was almost bestfriends with two years ago. But now he somehow hates my guts for NO reason. He only tells me to "fuu off" or "piss off" and yeah its pretty annoying. He calls me annoying and tells me that hates me. Whenever I ask him why he hates me he always includes guys saying something like "why do you care? you did everything. Go to Jacob". And hes always saying that I like ___.

But today it was my birthday and i was giving people in my class left over candy, and I know that he loves candy. So i waved it in the air and said "Jones (his last name) do you really hate me?" and he just stared a head while biting his lip deep in thought. He looked at me, smiled and said "No." I obviously thought he was lying but I gave him candy anyways. I really thought he didnt mean it so i just stared at him wondering, and he looked back and said "yes?" and i said "hi" and he replied with "hello" instead of "piss off, why are you talking to me?".

PLEASE TELL ME WHATS GOING ON? cause im confused as fluff.

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    I don't know either. Maybe you should ask him about it with sincerity in order to show him you really care.

    • You need to collect more clues to solve your problem! Collect them by whatever ways you can think of.

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