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匿名 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 3 年前

請用(A, B) 2組英文,每組寫2句英文造句給我。 (最好有中文解釋....謝謝.) A) 用 In stcok B) 用 Subject to C) 這樣寫對不對呢? ( Please use the following words, each sets of words write 2 sentences to me)?


如果這題發問的問題,這樣寫有沒有錯呢? Please use the following words, each sets of words write 2 sentences to me

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  • 3 年前

    (C) Please use the following words,and for each sets of words, write separately two sentences to me.

    (A) stock,n,:-SUPPLIES:-build up a stock:-eg:-The country has been building up its stock of weapons against China.

    IN A SHOP:-eg:-Buy now while stocks last !!!eg:-That Chinese wine is completely out of stock this week.Take stock is to check and count the goods in a shop.

    TAKE STOCK OF SOMETHING:-Turning 50 aged is a time to take stock of your life

    SB'S STOCK IS HIGH/LOW eg:-if someone's stock is high or low, they are very popular or very local government's stock was high just before the election.

    STOCK:-Do you stock American wines?儲備,供應,提供.

    eg:-The fridge was stocked with all the meat and food needed for the Chinese New Year.

    (B) subject to:-dependent on something else.;eg:-Your planning application is subject to review by the local council.你的申請受地方政府管束.

    eg:-The arrangements are subject to change at short notice.這些安排一有短通知即改變.

    eg:-All such gathering are subject to the laws on political meetings.集會都受有關政治集會法令管束.

    eg:-The plans are subject to minister approval.計劃要得到部長政府批淮.

    eg:-Subject to your approval.(=if you approve)只要你同意.

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