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S.S. 發問於 科學及數學物理學 · 5 年前

Derivative of a vector?

The instantaneous position of an object is specified by its position vector leading from a fixed origin to the location of the object, modeled as a particle. Suppose for a certain object the position vector is a function of time given by r = 4i + 3j- 2tk, where r is in meters and t is in seconds.

(a) Evaluate dr / dt.

(b) What physical quantity does dr/ dt represent about the object?

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  • 天同
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    5 年前

    (a) Given r = 4i + 3j - 2tk

    dr/dt = d(4i + 3j - 2tk)/dt = d(4i)/dt + d(3j)/dt - d(2tk/dt)

    = -2k

    (b) dr/dt represents the velocity of the object.