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klaus 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 5 年前

Why do my eyes change color??

i was born w/ blue eyes then they became green when i was in kindergarten but they stayed brown after i became 6.It stayed brown for like the coming ten years and the last two days my eyes has been watering non stop and today i checked the mirror and its now a very,dark,nearily black shade of brown.

Is it even normal for eyes to change colors??Or that frequent??SOS

2 個解答

  • 5 年前

    Worry not, dude. It is normal for light colored eyes to change into darker colors due to the production of pigment. Sorry to break to you that you might have some European blood. Nonetheless, please make sure that you have your eyes checked annually by a qualified doctor. I might have played one on TV but certainly vision is not an area of my expertise.

    see quotation from wiki... (link

    Most babies who have European ancestry have light-colored eyes before the age of one. As the child develops, melanocytes (cells found within the iris of human eyes, as well as skin and hair follicles) slowly begin to produce melanin.[citation needed] Because melanocyte cells continually produce pigment, in theory eye color can be changed. Most eye changes happen when the infant is around one year old, although it can happen up to three years of age.[23] Observing the iris of an infant from the side using only transmitted light with no reflection from the back of the iris, it is possible to detect the presence or absence of low levels of melanin. An iris that appears blue under this method of observation is more likely to remain blue as the infant ages. An iris that appears golden contains some melanin even at this early age and is likely to turn green or brown as the infant ages.

    Changes (lightening or darkening) of eye colors during puberty, early childhood, pregnancy, and sometimes after serious trauma (like heterochromia) do represent cause for plausible argument to state that some eyes can or do change, based on chemical reactions and hormonal changes within the body.

    Studies on Caucasian twins, both fraternal and identical, have shown that eye color over time can be subject to change, and major demelanization of the iris may also be genetically determined. Most eye-color changes have been observed or reported in the Caucasian population with hazel and amber eyes.[24]

  • 琴研
    Lv 4
    5 年前

    That sounds weird.My black eyes have never changed colors, so maybe you are a vampire who is thirsty for blood or a meta-human who can get visions.

    Don't worry about that ,i think There is nothing wrong with your eyes. At least you can save money on cosmetic contact lenses.

    And your color changing eyes are definitely beautiful,fanscinating and charming,your eyes are the precious gifts from the god.

    That made you unique,special,one of a kind

    Can you see it?