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experiment on.?


I loved going to old factories and weird stores in search of leftovers of strange powders and weird materials, and then bring them home to experiment on. 爲什麽這裡是on結尾?

更新 2:

2.hundreds upon hundreds of .... 爲什麽用upon?

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    1. 因為experiment可以是名詞 也可以是動詞. 在你這一句話裡面,experiment是不及物動詞 所以要接介係詞"on"才可以表明受詞"them".若是缺少了"on",他可能會被誤會成 名詞.

    2. hundreds upon hundreds of ...是成語.另一粒同樣意思的用法是: hundreds and hundreds of ...

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    (1)to experiment on

    =on as an adverbial particle such as go on, expressing the idea of progress, advance, continued activity for "experient on".

    Come on, Hurried on,follow on, , getting on, still go on, work on, continue working on, and so on, later on, on and on may mean the "experiment go on and on. Verb in this pattern are followed by a preposition and its indirect object "them".The verb and preposition "experient on" function as a unit that refers to "them".

    (2)hundreds upon hundreds of

    =upon is a prep.


    =which is more usual

    =upon is literary style contrasted with colloquial.