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    --In your Placement Classification test, ask yourself why English is your worst subject, apart from Chin. Math,?

    ---As the notice declares that "English must be qualified",my advice is that vocabulary is important for you.

    ----Total number of words you can learn in 3 days=1000x3=3000words.

    ----Vocabulary with rules for combining them make up the English Language.

    ---Get a scrap-book, ready to write down a list of 1000 words per day.

    ---Go to the Language learn the recording registered on the discs for listening.

    ---Soon you'll have a good learning on listening, reading, and writing.After three days you'll raise the standard of English. ".Practise makes Perfect" is the proverb for you.

    eg:-"Spelling-Pronunciation" is suggested by "The announcement."

    I try learn Eng.with my vocabulary

    My scrapbook of 1000 blank pages are for me to write on.

    The list of words known to me are in the scrapbook

    The disc-dictionary could list the whole 3000 words.

    The range of words known to me are also in a large number.

    I try make out words laboriously in the Lang.Lab.

    It took me an hour to spell out pages of English.

    It makes me clear and easy to understand spelling.

    It places the letters of words in the correct order.

    It is completely and properly arranged.

    Lingua franca has adopted for my local use.

    English has become a lingue franca locally.

    Reading for three days will increase, brothers and sisters, my


    Why don't you learn to spell in the Language Lab.?