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1. Had me believed it was all because I did it for love.

2. Never should it be said that the Miss Bennets ran after the officers.

3. In vain did Elizabeth.

請問以上句子解釋係咩?同用左咩文法呢d句子?如果可以,希望可以教埋點應用係其他句子,thank you

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  • 4 年前

    (1)Inversion as figures of speech can be rewritten as:-

    Had I believed love,.(I should do it), and was all I did.

    It is the omission of" it" in conditional clauses.

    It is about "to believe love.";"I believed love" as subject.

    Or better:-I had believed love; I would have been all the more for it.

    (2)Inversion and Exaggeration can be rewritten as:-

    That Miss Bennet ran after the officers---main cl.

    should never be said--------adv cl of purpose; manner

    Miss Bennet has never heard of the officers, not to mention ran after them.;

    Not completely sure about the statement.she believed..

    (3)Inversion can be rewritten as:-

    Elizabeth was in vain (adj).

    If you describe Elizabeth as vain, you are critical of her pride and predjudice in her own beauty, intelligence, and other good qualities.She wants the world to know her friend did not run after her in vain.