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請幫忙翻譯為英文, 謝謝!?



祝 假期愉快!

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  • 4 年前

    To provide better quality of accommodation, the university is scheduled to be carried out during the summer air-conditioner cleaning staff quarters project, please June 20, 2016 to sign the following tying fill in washable air-conditioning engineering time, select the time period for the unit in the entire hostel (such as a total of two places, please inform both feasible time, each dormitory only choose a time for cleaning works). Coming from Australia, such as during the summer, please also inform on the table and keep personal valuables, when the General Services will conduct its own burglary cleaning works. The cleaning air conditioner comprising: cleaning indoor air-conditioning host, and add refrigerant (if applicable, by the engineering firm, as the case decision). If you have questions, please call our office hours at x Miss (Tel: xxxxxxxx) contact. Wish youhave a happy holiday!