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Thank you for your email regard the review. It is that the products you wanted to purchase had import restrictions due to you destination, therefore, our retail staff must be informed of this requlation. I am afraid for the inconvenience that this matter may have caused you. I would like to thank you for bringing this to our attention, it will help us improve our operations and services.

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    Thank you for your email regarding the products you want to purchase has import restrictions at your country("destination" is OK in your industry but strange in general writing). Our retail staff needs to study the regulations. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused, but thank you for bring this to our attention. This help to improve our operations and services.

    我覺得你回覆時應該交代一下你公司是否能運送他想要的貨品,或者加一句When we are able to resolve the import regulation restrictions, we will inform you of your order progress. [意思是:當我們可以解決入口的限制問題後,我們會再通知你的訂購進度(或手續)。

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    For a better reply:-

    ----I have received your emai of (----) in which you give us warning of legal proceedings on import restrictions on the ordered products sent to your country.

    ----Our retail staff will study the import restrictions in view, concerning the final setlement of the matter ASAP. I am confident that our relationship may remain cordial.