Questions about Hong Kong Aviation Club (HKAC)?

Im a form 2 student and im interested in joining the Hong Kong Aviation Club. Can someone answer some of my questions??

1) Is it true that I can join the club and take lessons once Im 14 yrs old? Do I need to take any medical or acedemic testes?

2) It's is expensive to apply for a membership / to take on a course?

3) May I be able to apply for a basic Private Pilot Lisence (PPL) or Commerical Pilot Lisence (CPL) after IM aged 17?

Great thanks!

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    5 年前

    1. Yes. Joining the club does not mean anything. So you don't need any tests.

    2. Yes for a child.

    3. No. You will have be 18 at least for any licenses.